What’s up!

大家好! 好久不见!It’s been a while.  I’ve been busy with life, work and Chinese study.  I’m preparing for my HSK2 exam on June 5.  I just want to give you an update on my current study routine.  For beginner learners like me, it sometimes get too confusing and stressful.  There are tons of apps and online resources out there.  It’s overwhelming indeed.  I have narrowed down the stuff I use to reduce study stress.  These are:


I now mainly use DuChinese app for my reading practice.  This is a subscription app but it’s worth it.  It not only provides me stories from different levels but it also allows me to turn off the pinyin when I do not recognize a character/word.  The app will also allow you to save words so you can review them at a later time.



To be able to learn new words every day, I watch some Instagram videos. This way, I am able to see how words, phrases and sentences are used in daily conversations. I mainly follow:  easymandarinteacher, everydayeasychinese and learnchinesewithdolores.  They make learning Chinese fun.



I use Chegg flashcards.  I like the simple interface.  It gives me option to practice on’flashcards’ or ‘multiple choice’ mode.

Also, I started putting in English sentences then I translate them into Chinese sentences, instead of the other way around.  I found this effective for me since I suck at sentence structure. Repetition does help.



To improve my listening skills, I watch Netflix Chinese dramas whenever I have free time.  I also watch ChinesePodTV videos on YouTube.  You can choose your level to focus on.  Their videos are very informative and detailed. 



My online one on one class with my Chinese teachers are still ongoing. This time, I try to speak more and don’t care if I make mistakes.  They correct me and I take notes.  I also started recording them so I can go back and review the lessons.  My goal is to be more confident in expressing myself.  I know it will take time but most polyglots suggested to speak the language as much as possible…it is the only way to improve.



I am a visual learner so practicing to write hanzi 汉字 is a must for me so I don’t forget a word.

So that’s all for my current study routine. At the moment, I’m using HSK Online Course to practice listening and reading for my upcoming exam.

Wish me luck! 加油💪

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