Two week update

I learned how to pronounce the letters on the pinyin chart. It’s tricky with some of the letters sounding the same if you’re an English speaker. A lot of tongue twisting, lip rounding and jaw dropping haha. It’s suprising how one can learn that much with consistent practice and if you really give time and effort in studying.

I also learned some greetings and how to introduce myself.

你好, 我 叫 Jan。Hello! My name is Jan.

我是加拿大人。I am Canadian. 我会说英文。I can speak English.

我喜欢吃中国菜。I like to eat Chinese food.

我的家有十口人。 There are 10 members in my family.

我有五个弟弟和两个妹妹。 I have 5 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters.

I can now recognize below characters if I see it on the TV screen.

你好 – Hello

谢谢 – Thank you

不客气 – You are welcome

对不起 – Sorry

没关系 – It’s alright

早上好 – Good morning

晚上好 – Good evening

晚安 – Good night

再见 – Goodbye

I also learned how to count. One good thing about Chinese numbers is as long as you know 0-10, you will be able to count onwards which is cool.

I can now state the year, month, days of the week, time and price.

I’m excited what the next coming weeks will bring 🙂




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