My interest in learning the Chinese language started when I watched “The Rise of Phoenixes”. This was by far the best TV drama series I’ve seen in years. The actors, costumes, cinematography, musical score and historical story was awesome…and just like that, I decided to learn Mandarin.

I created this blog to record my journey in learning the language. I wanted to see how long it will take for me to be able to converse, read and understand Zhōngwén. I downloaded Duolingo and HelloChinese apps. I signed up to HerotoZero and Yoyochinese and I hired a native Mandarin speaker to be my teacher online twice week to practice my reading comprehension, listening skills and pronunciation.

I spend 2 hours each day for (ZerotoHero/Yoyochinese). If I have extra time, I spend half an hour for each Duolingo/HelloChinese apps. That’s 3 hours each day. That includes listening, reading and writing. Yes, I started to write whatever hanzi 汉字 I learned to get used to seeing the characters which I believe will benefit me in the future.

You might ask why I am doing this. My long term goal is to be able to understand (speak/read/write) Mandarin, watch Chinese movies without reading the subtitles and maybe start teaching English/Chinese in the future….who knows haha.

That’s all for now. 再见!Goodbye。



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